Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides a long-life compressor. This oxygen concentrator from Phillips Respironics is constructed with high-quality parts and a high-impact resistant design for greater ruggedness. The SimplyGo is designed to withstand impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver performance day in and day out. This lightweight Portable Oxygen Concentrator weighs 10 pounds and offers both continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen. It is the lowest weight portable oxygen concentrator on the market that can provide both continuous flow oxygen and pulse-dose oxygen. The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator comes with one lightweight, compact battery that is easily accessible and quickly changed. A carrying case with shoulder strap allows the SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator to go wherever you need to go. The carrying case may also be secured to a mobile cart for easier handling. An extra battery, cannula, and other accessories can fit in the zippered pouch. A fold up cart also comes standard with an adjustable handle to meet the needs of the individual patient. An attachable accessory case and optional humidifier are also available.